Caracas Arepa Bar: NYC

Caracas Arepa Bar is my introduction to Venezuelan food and I can’t wait to try more.


Caracas Arepa Bar
Noon – 11PM (Open everyday)
91 E. 7th St. | NY, NY 10009 [map]

To begin, let us borrow Wikipedia’s definition of an arepa: Arepa (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈɾepa]) is a type of food made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. It is eaten daily in those countries and can be served with accompaniments such as cheese (cuajada), avocado, or split to make sandwiches.

Since 2003, the Caracas Arepa Bar team has been dedicated to the idea of a space where authentic quality food converges with the eclectic vibe of New York City. They have a dimly lit dining room for dinner everyday, but are also open for lunch as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It was my usual eating partner who was turned on to this place first after meeting a cousin from New Jersey at this spot for lunch. The food was described as well-prepared and extremely flavorful.
If you have friends from the Philippines, the plantain-based arepas and desserts will definitely impress. In the words of the owners, the lines are long but please “be patient and let us welcome you to a much deserved Caracas experience on the other side.”

Caracas has locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens but parties greater than 5 are not recommended in their small Manhattan location.

Caracas Arepa Bar mural

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