Ink.Sack: Los Angeles, CA

Ink.Sack is Michael Voltaggio’s (Top Chef season six winner) highly creative Los Angeles sandwich shop located around the corner from his famous restaurant, Ink.

Excuse me for saying this but sandwiches are not what come to mind when I think about eating out. The trip to Ink Sack was spurred by the highest praises of a very talented writer, musician, and poet  Alexei Perry Cox. Seriously, if you’re on Instagram and you don’t follow her photographs paired with biting poetry, you are missing out on a very intense experience.

Ink.Sack is a great Los Angeles sandwich shop presented to us by Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. Not a sandwich person but I was greatly impressed by the wide range of flavors and textures!

11am-8pm (OpenDaily)
8360 Melrose Ave #107 | Los Angeles, California 90069 [map]

I wanted to sample a lot since I couldn’t be around very often and now that I’m on the East Coast, I really can’t be sure when I can be back at all. I ended up getting some free BBQ pork rinds (crunchy and slightly spicy!) with the three different sandwiches that I’ve ordered:

 Cold Fried Chicken

The chicken was juicy, firm, and cold in temperature without being cold in feeling. Also, that was the first time I’ve tried Gindo’s Spice of Life and it was great.


This had a great balance of fat, lean, and curried flavor including a liver-y punch that provided a range of textures. Definitely my favorite out of the three and possibly the most creative sandwich idea that I have come across.

Bahn Mi

Not very distinctly Asian-tasting in my opinion, but tasty nonetheless. It had a big load of pork offset with some not-too-sour vinegar pickles.

Some people have complained that their sandwiches are small, but they’re actually very filling and reasonably-sized for the price and quality. I cannot speak about Michael Voltaggio’s more expensive venture, Ink, but Ink.Sack is definitely worth your time. Since I have only recently started photographing my food (I’ve felt for too long that it was ridiculous), here’s where you can find photographic proof of these delicious sandwiches.

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