Julian Pie Company: Julian, CA

Julian Pie Company is “as American as apple pie” indeed but I encourage you to try their strawberry rhubarb, too.

Julian Pie Company

Julian Pie Company
9am-5pm (Open Daily)
2225 Main St | Julian, CA 92036 ‎[map]

After over half a day of exploring Anza Borrego, we were feeling famished and thirsty at the same time. Sugar may not be the best cure for hunger and thirst but pies always have a way of beckoning me. Julian is another little town in California replete with small-town charms which can be quite nice for a few hours. We couldn’t decide which one to try out of the three or so pie shops in the area but ultimately we picked the one that was more well-known and named after the place it was in. I also quite like the logo.

Julian Pie Company

Left: Julian Pie Company’s rich pecan pie. Right: Their amazing traditional apple pie.

By the time I visited this small pie shop, I’d already had over a year of dining experience in America. Many people recommend the Dutch apple pie but as a non-American more used to the Asian way of baking things, I hesitated since the crumb crust was described as sweeter than their regular counterparts. Trust me, there is a big difference between American and Asian sweets. Here’s what we ended up devouring:

Pecan Pie

Seriously, who can resist a good old pecan pie? It’s risky getting it outside though — most of the time the caramel sauce is made very sweetly. There’s only a few pecan pies I would buy again and this isn’t one of them. Still this wasn’t bad at all.

Traditional Apple Pie (Original)

This is Julian Pie Company’s crowning glory. The crust and the filling left nothing more to be desired. It was a perfect slice of pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I was nervous but extremely curious about rhubarb at the time, this was such a great surprise. I’ve had a better slice of rhubarb pie since but still, thank you Julian Pie Company for showing me that they’re not all poorly made like what my companion feared.

Julian Pie Company

And yes, I may have had a craving for more. If you live in San Diego county, a bunch of supermarkets carry limited selections of their pies.

Julian Pie Company

I bought this apple pie from Windmill Farms in San Diego.

If you don’t live anywhere near San Diego, you can order their pies online. Julian Pie Company offers a Frequent ‘Pie-r’ card but it does not apply to wholesale or retail orders. Learn more about the terms here.

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