Curmudgeon In Transit hopes to become a collaborative project between the author and other travel-thirsty people of the world who know the difference between a tourist trap and a real gem. I cannot stress this enough, but the best places and the best eats in the world can mostly be found in the areas that your TV did not pick for you. This site aims to be defined as any, some, or all of the following:

  1. A celebration of life through a shared interest in food and travel
  2. A repository of all relevant details on the most worthwhile places on the road and at home — the names, the official (or unofficial) websites, the locations, the funny anecdotes
  3. A place for sharing great photos and some music that capture the feel of a place*
  4. A community of travelers and gourmands who seek out the best even in the most obscure and underrated corners of the world
  5. A rejection of overpriced, overhyped tourist traps and bad food

The world is becoming more and more accessible and with that comes so many things to be confused about and angry with, yet thankful for as well. Throughout all my forays into the vast world of travel and food, the best gastronomic experiences and sensory pleasures that I have found on the road and at home in New York City would not have been possible without useful online resources.


So, thank you, Internet. It hasn’t always been easy what with thousands of reviews and hot write-ups on trendy truffle-infused burgers and vacation spots that end up feeling like a crowded Walmart. But let’s move on, shall we? This curmudgeon who has been at one point in transit away from you forever is now back to give you a hug. In Japan, there’s an expression that goes “ten people, ten colors.” To find out if your taste in travel and food agrees with mine, read more about me here.

If any of the opinions on this site offends you, let me leave you with my beloved movie interaction:
Townsman: “Are you sure there are two l’s in dollar, Gideon?”
Gideon:      “Yes! An’ there are two g’s in bugger off!”

*I will have you know that not all songs I feature are by artists I like.

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