Martha’s Bakery: Queens, NY

Martha’s Country Bakery in Forest Hills is full of baked goods on steroids. Avoid if you don’t like desserts that are sweeter than actual sugar.

When I first moved to New York in late January of 2013, one of my first dining experiences as a resident of the city was at HinoMaru, a ramen shop in Astoria, Queens. It was decent but not memorable. Whenever I find myself not entirely satisfied with my meal, I walk around looking for a small bite of anything sweet to compensate for a not-so-great dining experience. I got really excited when I saw Martha’s Country Bakery three blocks away. I went in but unfortunately it was too crowded so I left taking a mental note of the place.

A few months later, I started living in Forest Hills. It’s not exactly the most exciting neighborhood, and the fact that the pubs and fastfood places feel so much like my first neighborhood in San Diego (Pacific Beach to be specific — I hate bro culture!), my prognosis of the Martha’s in the area wasn’t too good. I held off trying their sweets for as long as I could. But then my favorite person in the world was celebrating his birthday on a Monday when La Boulangerie with their excellent French desserts is closed. We hoofed it down to Martha’s and tried these baked goods:

Martha's Country Bakery - Forest Hills, NY

Martha’s Country Bakery
6AM-Midnight (Monday-Thursday, Sunday)
6AM-1AM (Friday and Saturday)
70-30 Austin St | New York, NY 11375 [map]

Macaron. I had a small bite of this green thing and my first thought was “fake sugar!” How can anyone possibly finish one of these suckers no matter how tiny? It’s sweeter than eating spoonfuls of refined sugar.

Custard Napoleon and Red Velvet Cupcake from Martha's Country Bakery in Forest Hills

Top: Red Velvet Cupcake Bottom: Custard Napoleon

Red Velvet Cupcake. This was just dry with weird-tasting frosting. I only had a really small bite of this atrocity of a cupcake.
Custard Napoleon. Argh! This tasted like bad milk and hydrogenated oil. This was creamy in a slightly disturbing manner.

A few days after, I walked by Martha’s again on the way back from work and it couldn’t have been perfect timing to see two overweight women stopping in front of the bakeshop. One of them dramatically paused and touched the door with her oh-so-final proclamation: “This place is heaven.” Ugh, I should have known I was never their target demographic.

Author’s Note: Please forgive the crappy photos, I was pretty upset over Martha’s Country Bakery’s general mediocrity and confounding popularity in New York City of all places.

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